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Aladdin Haddad has developed his own stylistic sound color through his professional training and performances on international stages, which makes his interpretation of guitar music unique and exquisite. He goal with his music is to create moments of surrealism with his Audience and a soul journey through the sound of the guitar

Started Guitar lessons at age of Seven, Two Years later, he enrolled in the public music school in Damascus under the guidance of teacher Mazen Al Saleh, where he could add to his instrumental skills a theoretical knowledge. At age of twelve he won the first National Guitar Prize in Syria.
Between 2005 and 2010 he enrolled at the Higher Institute for Music in Damascus, Syria to study a Bachelor Degree and graduated with excellent grade.

Since then, he has attended many masterclasses, to mention some: Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey, Sergio Assad, David Tannenbaum, Aniello Desiderio, Judical Perroy, Thomas Offermann, Thomas Müller Pering, Lukas Kuropaczewski, Pepe Romero, Thomas Fellow, Marcin Dylla .
In 2014, he Pursued a Master Degree in Classical Guitar Performance under the Guidance of Pia
Gazarek Offermann
at the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen where he Obtained in 2017 with Excellent Grade.

Among many projects he participated in is: the collaboration with guitarist Alvaro Pierri from the guitars' ensemble of the Guitar Academy in Berlin, contribution with Städtisches Orchester Delmenhorst in the Premier of the Operette Clivia in 2016.

Since 2010, he is performing regularly on several international Stages and concert Halls to mention some:

- In The Opera House  - Damascus, Syria
- In Al Madina Theater - Beirut, Lebanon
- In The Small Theater -  Rochester NY, USA
- In Renaissance Theater - Charlottenburg Town Hall, Berlin
- In Sala Balowa ZSEU - Zychlin Poland
- In Theater Bremen, Gerhard Marcks Haus, Rathaus - Bremen, Germany
- In Bellvue di Monaco,Münchner Kammerspiel - Munich, Germany 
- In The Bücherhalle - Hamburg, Germany
- In The Helferei - Zurich, Switzerland 
- In Goethe Institute - Amsterdam, Netherland  

His Debut Album entitled "ROOTS" which was released in 2018 with the record Label "Ears-Love-Music “reflects a Mixture of crossover and Flamenco music, an attempt for fresh alluring Sounds and exploring the limits of the Guitar.
In this Album, Aladdin premiered the Composition "Fancy Dances" by Thomas Fellow.

Aladdin continuous exploration for a variable and wide sound scape  is the map to his musical orientation, where there is infinite sound scape to be discovered in the music world.
Crossover best describes the wide spectrum of Aladdin`s Music where every Music-Genre has some influence on the Artist.

Aladdin plays a cedar guitar and an Acoustic guitar by The Luthier Adrian Heinzelmann, uses Ibanez RG Model as an E-Guitar.